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RNA in situ hybridization & immunostaining

RNA In Situ Hybridization

RNAscope/BaseScope/miRNAscope represents a major advancement in RNA In Situ Hybridization employing a specific probe design that allows to amplify target-specific signals in (archival) tissue or cultured cells from any species with single-molecule detection sensitivity while simultaneously suppressing background noise. RNAscope targets longer (>300 bp) RNA including mRNA and lncRNA. BaseScope targets short (50-300 bp) RNA including highly homologous sequences, exon junctions, splice variants and point mutations. miRNAscope targets very short (17-50 bp) RNA including antisense oligonucleotides (ASOs), miRNA and siRNA.

Available options:

Singleplex (1 target) with chromogenic or fluorescent detection

Multiplex (up to 4 targets) or HiPlex (up to 12 targets) with fluorescent detection

Can be combined with protein (antibody) staining

Full service from sample processing to image acquisition and quantitative analysis possible

Probes currently availabe at LMMO

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Automated RNA In Situ Hybridization & Immunostaining

Leica Biosystems BOND RX

For automated processing of up to 30 slides