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Liquid Handling & qPCR

epMotion 5075 Liquid Handling Workstation

For accurate and reproducible automated pipetting of any routine application such as serial dilutions, reagent distribution (f.i. ELISA), sample transfer from tubes to plates (f.i. qPCR plate setup), and sample normalization in 96 or 384 well plates.

Location: D215




QuantStudio 12K Flex Real-Time PCR System

Quantitative analysis of transcript expression using TaqMan or SYBR chemistry in 96 or 384 well plates.

SNP genotyping with TaqMan OpenArray Genotyping Plates.

Digital PCR-ready.

Price: 30€/run (consumables to be provided by the users)

Location: D215

Protocol qPCR TaqMan

Tips for succesful qPCR

Contact for technical support: