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New publication from the Rooman lab (09/03/2021)

MECOM permits pancreatic acinar cell dedifferentiation avoiding cell death under stress conditions (accepted for publication in Cell Death and Differentiation)

Link to bioRxiv


A New Approach to Treating Pancreatic Cancer (11/01/2021)

In a study involving mice that published online on November 5 in the Journal For ImmunoTherapy of Cancer, Claudia Gravekamp, Ph.D., and Ilse Rooman, Ph.D., show that combining nicotinamide (the active form of niacin) with the chemotherapy drug gemcitabine thinned out the pancreatic cancer’s  barrier, improved the influx of T cells into the tumors, bolstered the immune response, and activated CD4 T cells—all of which helped shrink pancreatic tumors and their metastases and improved the survival rate of mice. The findings could lead to clinical trials that investigate the effects of this nicotinamide/gemcitabine combination in pancreatic cancer patients.

Press release Albert Einstein College of Medicine


Interview with Bart Neyns in (09/04/2019)

Article in Dutch


Interview with Ilse Rooman in Knack (20/02/2019)

Article in Dutch


Presentation by Elyne Backx (23-24/10/2019)

Elyne Backx , a PhD student in the lab, was selected for presenting her work at the Pancreatic Cancer Symposium in Toulouse. Elyne uses human pancreas cells to study events that can be at the origin of pancreatic cancer. 

Elyne in action

Oncology Research Center Day, Friday October 16, 2020 (online)

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